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An unique data entry platform, ideally for large volume ebay seller with fully customizable fields for simpler and quicker streamline actions.

The core feature provides customizable data entry interface, which can stream line the process and save significant amount of your time on similar product you are selling. Most of the repeating information can be configured when setting up the product listing template, and you will be only entering or selecting on specific value which is different on each of your items. For example, when selling a large amount of cell phones from your inventory, once you have the listing template set up, you do not need to choose ebay category, listing type, warranty, or shipping service which are always the same for each product. All you need to do is selecting preset conditions you configured that apply to this product and you all set. System will pull all information together for you and you will always have the same, consistent listing detil in description on ebay especially when you have multiple people selling the same or similar product.

If you have multiple ebay selling accounts, you can also specify which ebay account will be used on the product listing template. While your business has variety products such as used books, cellphones or clothes, you have two or more ebay accounts selling only one kind of your product. In Gincore you can have one data input interface for all products, your listing template will decide which ebay accounts product should go to.

Gincore has a unique Inventory Storage system designed specifically for unique product seller. While most of the inventory management system is made for stock multiple quantity inventory, Gincore Inventory Storage System has simple in-and-out to manage product location, store it, locate it, and take it out. Simple and quick. It also has batch feature allows you to copy and paste your manifest in one click.

Advanced Relist Automation can manage your unsold product and you set the rule to decide how they stay on marketplace. You can start your product as fixed price buy-it-now on eBay, if it is not selling for couple months, it can switch to auction and also readjust price for you. It can also keep the auction relist for couple time and notify you if it does not sell. It all depends on how you customize the automation.

The bottom line is, you and your employee now have a systematic selling system, you've simplified the flow, and your business is able to sell more product faster. Once you understand how it works, you can customize Gincore the way you want!

  • Customize and Streamline Product Input Interface
  • Easy to Upload and Organize Pictures
  • Multiple eBay Account Supported
  • Product ID Design
  • Product Label Auto Generator
  • Inventory Storage System
  • Advanced Customizable Product Relist Automation
  • Multiple Users
  • User Roles
  • Order Management
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting

Gincore is expanding and more features are coming.

  • Increase productivity

  • Easy to manage

  • Track performance

  • Sell more

  • Be the top in your industry

All Account can use almost all features for free* and no trial period at all!

When you sign up an account, features are turned on and ready to use. Most features are already enought for most of the business and users, but they can be upgraded depending on your business need.

* Features with higher tier or higher capacity are paid subscription service. Some features are only available in paid subscription service.